Yaroslav Nikolaev

Styles: hip-hop

Seven facts about me:

 - I started to dance in six years. My "career" began in steep children's collective of folk dances. There I ever fell in love with dance. My second "attempt" to dance was already fifteen years. My first teacher of modern choreography was Artem Volosov. Then we danced in the main commercial hip-hop and some contemporary. After that, all started.

- And I'm inspired by music and recreation. I like to relax, but I cannot sit still for a long time. After a long rest, I'd like to do something.

- I don’t have any particular favorite memories . I'm generally a very happy person, I have all favorite memories!

 - I believe that the most important quality for a dancer is the confidence and hard work. Confidence is important because you will never became great dancer until he proves it yourself and do not believe it. What about hard work, I think, no one questions arise.

- It's very simple! I want to teach my students to dance and feel the music!

 - No, I have not reached their goals. I believe that a dancer cannot be specific purposes, it's not a lawyer, who can become a politician or by a "great man." Dancer, teacher, choreographer - can only be a dancer, teacher and choreographer. This is purely my opinion.

- My advice for students: just dance and enjoy what you are doing. Do not be shy. Imagine that you're at home and no one is watching. Do not be discouraged, I will not let you. And don’t forget to bring a shoes!