Svidina Olya

Dancing - 7 years
Dance style: Krump and krumpography
Directions: Krump Female, krump

Festivals (winner/prize-winner):
Buck Season 5, finalist
Krump Bullz Heavy Hitterz Girlz 1x2014 (Russia) finalist / 3rd place
4 unity fest 2014 krump (Kiev, Ukraine) 1st place
Street Problemz girls 1x1 winner 2014 (St.Peterburg, Russia)
Street Problemz girls 1x1 201 3 (St.Peterburg, Russia), 1st place
Krump awards 2013 winner in Best Female dancer
Take Over March 2013 2nd place (Almaty, Kazahstan)
Scream Battle 6 girls 1x1 winner 2013 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Scream Battle 6 girls (3x3) CITYxCITY winner 2013 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Scream Battle vol 3 girls 1x1 2013 winner (Kiev, Ukraine)
Scream Battle vol 1 girls 2012 (Kiev, Ukraine) 1st place
Hype out Heavy Hitterz Girlz 2012 (Odessa, Ukraine) 2nd place
Hype out famXfam (5x5) 2012 (Odessa, Ukraine) winner
Stamina Battle 3 fam * fam (Odessa, Ukraine) 1st place, and others.

She held master classes and has judged festivals in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Almaty and others. Studied at Tight Eyez (USA), Bdash (USA), Knucklehead (USA), Lil Tight Eyez (USA), Baby Tight Eyez aka Beast (USA) and others. Was femili Anton Pashuli (Slam) during 5 years.
Currently I established a crew (Wanted) and I am a member of team Street Kingdom (Russia) the creator of which is the founder of Crump Tigt Eyez.

7 facts about me:
- I`ve dance Krump since the distant 2008. At first it was scary and difficult to start, because only the guys danced Krump and said that we, the girls, couldn`t do it, because "the Krump –is only for boys". A few months I did not dare to start, but eventually plucked up the courage and very glad.

- I think that Krump is not just a dance but also an art, a separate world. What do Krump dancers – is difficult, but every movement full of meaning and emotion. Still not seen anything more filled with energy. With it, anyone can express anything, remaining completely original and distinctive. Then the more you are unique and unlike – the more cooler, and your minus will sooner or later turn into advantages that you win festivals with.

- Most of all I am inspired by the people around me, music and travel. All that brings the feeling that I want to pass on the dance floor, is a source of boundless inspiration.

- Since the style is quite young and is constantly changing, I dream to make a contribution to it. Krump – is often associated with aggression, although it is not so. Everyone dancing tells his story. In men, it has often hard or aggressive nature, plus putting a lot of power in motion it is difficult to smile. I want to break the stereotype and show different Krump – cheerful, feminine, cute, calm, and so full of life. So my students will learn to dance this elaborate style while remaining ourselves and bringing the emotion that he/she wants.

- The most important thing for a dancer - be yourself and enjoy from the training and performances. Many people are chasing technology and fashion, losing originality; many are beginning to train like robots, forgetting that the most important thing – is the music and the fact that you feel when you move forgetting about everything.

- My advice for beginners – be bold. Try and experiment, do not be afraid to be funny or unappreciated. Just do, despite the fatigue, obstacles and laziness. Even the most brilliant dancers were once begginers and made mistakes.

- My goal is, first of all, do not invest in the student base and technology but to fire in their hearts the desire to dance and evolve.