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Nastya Stipinas:

Nastya Stipinas

Works in the direction: jazz-funk

Facts about the teacher:

- My dance career began in 7 years with the classics, my mother took me to the collective of classical dance, in which I studied for 9 years. At the age of 14 I came to the Dance Center Myway, where I first visited Artem Gozhy's contemporary studio, after that I began to visit other styles of jazz-funk, hip-hop, waacking. She began to go to all top teachers, was shot in their videos.

- My inspiration is the very possibility of DANCING. I dance always and everywhere, this is freedom of expression for me, without which I cease to be myself.

- The best memories are the interested views of the audience that you see when you perform on stage. After all, everything is done for the viewer - he, in the first place, should like it.

- As for any person who wants to achieve something, the main quality is diligence. In general, it is important to be able to listen to yourself, so that the dance becomes a manifestation of the soul and portray the personality.

- I want each of my students to find themselves in my choreography, feel what the dance is carrying. And it is very important that everyone finds his own style, learned how to convey his feelings and emotions in his own way through dance.

- I believe that the process of achieving goals is continuous. I never stop myself, there is always where to grow.

- I would quote Pina Bausch here: "I'm not interested in how you move, I'm interested in what drives you". I want students to get stoned and have a lot of fun.