Sveta Simonovich

Works in the following styles: jazz-funk, strip dance
Facts about the teacher:

- At the age of 12 I saw one of the episodes of the show "SYTYCD", and then I just looked for an opportunity to learn how to move like "THEY", and not like ordinary people.
- First of all, I am inspired by the dance, but stimulates - the desire to become better. 
- Perhaps the favorite memory is the very first hour in the dance studio in my life.
- The most important quality for a dancer is the ability to be different, the ability to surprise, not to shut up in his style.
- I want to teach my students the understanding that your dance is just yours and no one should try to drive you into the usual frames.
- My goals are too global to reach them so quickly and easily, so I work on myself every day.
- Do not be afraid to try something new; do not be afraid to try; do not be afraid!