Julia Shport

Works in direction: Hip-Hop

Facts about the teacher:
1. I always wanted to dance hip-hop, but in the city that was born, even something similar to this style was not here.
2. First of all, I am inspired by music and people that surround, successful dancers and choreographers and just outstanding personalities.
3. There were several master classes in my life, on which I cried from the feeling of incredible happiness.
4. It is purposefulness, perseverance, self-confidence, one's own strengths and most importantly - the love of dancing!
5. I want to teach students to believe in themselves, to reveal in each of my students a personality, individuality and dancing talent, because everyone has it.
6. Some of my goals have already been realized and I am very happy about this, and over the others and the greats I'm still working.
7. The main thing before training is to adjust yourself to the right and positive wave.