Works in direction: Hip-Hop

Facts about the teacher:
- My dance career started in Dnipro, when I saw the signboard of the Art People studio and there were styles of Hip-Hop, House, Locking and, most interestingly, C-walk!
- Dancing is my life. If I want to live, I must dance and seek inspiration, like air, so as not to suffocate.
- My favorite memory: at the beginning of the journey, I think it is so, because then more miracles happen than later. Since later it is a tribute to your work.
- The most important quality for a dancer is to be able to feel music deeper than an ordinary person or the same musician.
- I want to teach my students to improvise, and through improvisation find their own self.
- I fulfilled some of my goals by 99.9%, some by 0.1%, some by 47%, some have not even appeared yet, but will inevitably appear in my later life.
- My advice: put on more freely does not need tight things, it's not fitness. A Hip-Hop culture!
- I've been dancing since 2008, teaching since 2013! And I plan to do my favorite thing until the year 3000 minimum! I hugged everyone! I'm waiting for training!