Dmitry Salnikov

Works in directions: breaking

Facts about the teacher:

- It all started with inspiration! Seeing the break dancing in Yalta on the embankment, I, at the age of 10, immediately realized what I want to do.
- I am inspired by music, traveling, communication, festivals, people.
- Performance in the city of Kachkanar in the Urals, during the presentation of the clip of the local rap group. It was an unusual performance, as the police came to close the party, and much was not sung and our crem danced yet. 
- The most important quality for a dancer, I think - is honesty and hard work.
- I want to teach my students, at least what I know and can do!
- When I started to dance, I set myself for the purpose of learning, this or that element. I achieved my goals, but every day new goals arise, over which I am still working.
- Before my first occupation, I want to wish the students the most liberated and open up to new knowledge!