Nastya Oleynik

Works in direction: hip-hop

Facts about the teacher:
- I was offered to go to China for the first time on a contract. That is like my dance career began, it was a big push for me.
- It inspires to dance a lot. Nature can inspire, people, but music inspires most of all. 
- There are two bright memories connected with the dances. The first one is casting into Zlata Ognevych's clip. The second - Baiba classes in the camp, she chose me in the selection.
- Important qualities for a dancer are to be technical, to have acting skills, to be able to stand out, be a dance person.
- For starters, I want students to rest morally and get physical pleasure on my groups.
- When a person reaches the goal and stops moving, he begins to degrade.
- The first question of the student: "Why are they here?") And then from the answer to this question one can give advice to a person.