Nikita Tkachenko

Works towards: Hip-Hop

Facts about the teacher:

- Initially, I danced since I was child, from the age of five, but at some point I got bored with it, and after 7 years my mom recorded for hip hop classes, since then I've been doing dancers.

- I'm always inspired by different ways. Sometimes, from a good mood, I can be inspired by someone's choreography, or just like a certain track. I try to look for inspiration in everything.

- My favorite dance reminiscence is my first dance camp, it's a very pleasant memory, as this is the first impression of a dance crowd, master classes of world choreographers and their instructions.

- The most important quality for a dancer is to be universal, and constantly develop.

- I want to teach my students to feel their body and be able to leave the comfort zone in dances. Be yourself and enjoy this.

- Yes, there are goals I achieved, I had a goal to get into the team "red haze crew" - I was in this team, and in parallel I played in a couple of clips, I performed on the big stage. In addition, there is, of course, the goal to promote their creativity on a larger scale.

- Advice to students before the first lesson - relax and be yourself!