Galya Migel

A graduate of the Myway Dance Academy – season 4. The winner of the Myway Next Dance Teacher 25.

Dances – 15 years. Teaches – 1 year

Styles: contemporary, Latina.

Direction: contemporary

7 facts about me:

1. How did your dance career begin?

I belong to that great part of the people "dancing", who was led by parents. And it was not children’s amateur but serious things - ballroom dance! 9 years boldness by Latin American beats! I am grateful to this style!

2. What inspires you to dance?
Anything can inspire to dance. Music, movies, weather, space.

3. What is your favorite memory connected with dancing?
Over the years enough good memories were accumulated. But the one thing that gives the strength to go on – is the Myway Dance Academy. A kind of "check strength" for the dancers. In a short period of intensive training the realization of what and why you're doing comes.

4. In your opinion, what is the most important quality for a dancer?
The most important quality for a dancer – are hard work, patience, perseverance. The result may not always be immediate. Therefore, the quality should be at the first place in the arsenal.

5. What do you want to teach your students?
Most students, like me, a few years ago, try to learn dancing, feeling the music from the choreographer/teacher. It is not always good. Therefore, in addition to elements, choreography and knowledge, I want to teach the hearing (not listening) music, filled, even in simple movements with meaning and not be afraid!

6. Anyone starting a career makes some goals. Did you reach yours or are you still working on it?
If a person achieves the goals he instantly makes new. In my case, I have reached certain goals, but in future – more.

7. What advice would you give to students before their first class?
Before the first lesson, I want to advise not to be afraid to try new things for themselves, to ask if something is not clear, and work-work-work.