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Anhelina Melnik :

Anhelina Melnik

One of the youngest teachers Dance Centre Myway

Styles: classic, modern, contemporary.

Graduated from the Kiev State Choreographic School.

Achievements: The winner of the international competition "Dance without borders 2012" .

Seven facts about me:

- It all started with 5 years old, my parents took me to the handle in the dance ensemble "Unost"

- I could be  inspired by  anything! People, music, weather ...

- I have a lot of memories, perhaps, the most favorite is the very first performance.

- The most important quality for a dancer it is - to be able to live the life of the character that you dance.

- I want to teach students - technique, coordination, good command of the body. But the most important thing is  to feel the dance is not only the body but also the soul ...

- I still need a lot of work that to achieve the goals that I have set.

- I want to say is never too late to start working on yourselfs, and certainly does not stop there, you should always move only forward, and the only way you will achieve the goals that you set for yourself.