Group timetable
Sasha Vakurov:
  • Tue, Fri 17:00 - 18:00

Sasha Vakurov

Styles: hip-hop.


winner of the All-Ukrainian competition Make Noise Battle, Yellow Dance Battle, Mixstyle battle;
he finalist of the competition the Flash Battle, Dance Monsters Battle, Wipe Your Shoes Battle;

Participated in the filming of flash mobs, advertising productions;

Cooperation with singing groups Tennessee;

 Seven facts about me: 

- It all started with the fact that there was nothing to do. I wanted to occupy myself with something, a friend suggested going to the dance. Just at that time, I’ve seen three parts "Step up" and decided to go.

- Inspiration in the first place brings progress and development of the environment, talented dancers, and interesting productions. In addition, hundreds of thousands-second moments of everyday life that I experience every day.

- I have a lot of pleasant memories of dancing is probably one of them is the period of the camp, when I came out and danced in the disco, and everyone thought I was the king of the dance floor.

- Perhaps, for dancer is important  to have curiosity and desire for self-development, as well as confidence in their power.

- I want to teach my students to convey an understanding of the essence and emotional coloring, the manner of his style, through the understanding of dance, properties sub-genres. Of course, the base, which also want to learn to "feel." When appropriate or not appropriate to use one or the other manner or performance.

- Do not believe in setting goals, you can stop a lot more that has not reached so that the work no end :))

- To my students, I would say: try, start, get out of your comfort zone and practice, practice and more time Train! :))