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Group timetable
Nazar Klypych:
  • Mon, Thu 20:00 - 21:00

Nazar Klypych

Winner of Myway's Next Dance Teacher 22

Styles: dancehall, heels


- Wipe Your Shoes Battle (Dancehall)
- MyWay Groove. Part Dancehall
- Flawless Vogue Ball (Odessa)
- Bright Color Vogue Ball (Kharkov)
- The representative of the House Of Rapture
- Festival Feel The Beat (Swagga Crew)

Visited workshops: Katrin WOW, Di Vasil'chenko, Kate BABARAGGA, Katya Kharchenko, Masha Kozlova, RIA Killa Crew, Jane Killa Crew, Jeka Killa Crew, Ulyana La'beija-Rapture, Dima Bonchinche ', Barbara Ninja, Mariam Turkmenbaeva, Denis Stulnikov, Dima Petrovich, Lilya Nedzelskaya, Alyona Yellina, Anya Guarana, Artem Lazarev, Alina Ryzhkova, Lada Kasinets, Oleg Kasinets.

7 facts about the teacher:

1. I started to dance at the team in my native town, and after moving to Kiev I`ve joined the Dance Centre Myway.

2. I`m inspired by people who have achieved something in the dance. They stimulate to work harder and harder.

3. Each new recollection or impression becomes a favorite. Fresh emotions always overlap the previous ones, so it makes no sense to call for something specific.

4. The most important quality for a dancer – at the first place, to be able to dance for themselves ignoring the others; to reveal yourself and give free rein to your body.

5. What I would like to teach students - a preliminary point says just about it:)

6. The longer you are at dance field, the more you learn, open new horizons and opportunities. Of course, I have reached certain goals, but there is a lot of new! No need to get hung up on what you have but think about what you can be.

7. Do not be lazy. Laziness – the greatest enemy of man, including a dancer. Always tell yourself that the more to do now, the easier it will be then!