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Yulyia Henry:

Yulyia Henry

Dance styles: hip-hop, house


Participant and prize winner of festivals and championships of Ukraine and Europe, battles and jams

Seven facts about me:

- My mom really wanted me to dance and put me to the dance deep in my childhood. Therefore, everything began to turn out. Competitions and training helped me to understand what I can’t live without it . Therefore, I came to Kiev and started to learn as a choreographer, to become educated dancer. Almost immediately came to Dance Centre Myway, where I got real skills, knowledge and technique.

- I really like to dance, and even what is necessary to force yourself to work on yourself, because it's hard. I’m very inspired by the students. When you see their development and realize that you're doing your right, when you get feedback from the students in the studios. I am a creative person, and as soon as I hear music, I just want to dance, so the music is the inspiration for me

- There are many memories. I have no particular favorite, but one of them is from my childhood. I had  very bad stretch. All the girls from the group sat quietly on the string, and I have not enough stretching. My coach told me then: "Work more than anyone! The only way you can achieve goals and become better than the rest!" It has been said before the summer break. All the girls in the dance group were on vacation, and I had a goal - to stretch! It was hard, I was stretching three times a day for three months. And when they returned from vacation, I had one of the best results, I got all three strings.

 When you have a i goal, then anything is possible. It is only necessary to work, and it’s hard.

 - In my opinion, the most important quality for a dancer - perseverance. If you choose this path, you have to fight against laziness, muscle pain and fatigue, but if you work on a daily basis and not being lazy, then the result will not take long. The best are not always the talented, but always persistent and hard-working!

 - First of all, I want to put in their proper foundation - the base, in order to enable them to correct and control the body. If a dancer knows the basic concepts, then he will definitely be able to realize themselves and to develop itself in a certain style .Also I  want to teach my students  to be individuals (as in life and in dance). It is important not to lose their individuality in dance.

 - Yes, I have my own goals and plans, but still  there are a lot of work to achieve them. I'm still working on myself.

 - My advice for  my future students: do not be afraid and do not give up if something does not go well. Keep on dancing. After all, if you stand still, never will be okay. Ask questions if something is not clear, because I’m here, to help and to teach!