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Polina Ivaniuk :

Polina Ivaniuk

Winner Myway's Next Dance Teacher 24

Dancing - 1 year
Styles: Hip-hop, jazz funk, jazz-pop, house, vogue, dancehall
Direction: Jazz-pop

Double the best dancer at the International Festival of Contemporary Dance "Do the step up" Belarus Vitebsk 2013/2015
First place in the competition "The Challenge" in the team G.Monsters

7 facts about me:

1. How did your dance career begin?

Dancing and music for me is an integral part of life since childhood, wherever I am, wherever the music played I immediately start to dance, whether it was a cafe, or a kitchen. She attended several dance clubs. I know about Dance Centre Myway even since its opening, have always followed the teachers, the news, watched every video and admired. Myway has become my second home. After a year of training, and three months with the unlimited season tickets, I decided to go for the casting and try out not only as a dancer, but in the role of teacher. And, much to my happiness, I passed!

2. What inspires you to dance?
I am inspired by the dancers in the first place. For me to stop in the dance development – is the worst thing that you can imagine. Therefore dancers – that's what inspires me to dance and evolve.

3. What is your favorite memory connected with dancing?
All the memories of dancing are my favorite, but the most striking of these, perhaps, is my first participation at Myway Dance Awards! This was my first experience of working in a large team on the big stage with Dasha Maltseva. It was an unforgettable emotions, fear mixed with joy, responsibility. I was very afraid to do something wrong but, fortunately, everything was at the highest level, the teacher was pleased and it was fine.

4. In your opinion, what is the most important quality for a dancer?
Perseverance. Strength of will. Excerpt.

5. What do you want to teach your students?
Open a dancer in myself, to search for the individuality, to be technical, plastic, feel the music and know how to interpret its beautifully.

6. Anyone starting a career makes some goals. Did you reach yours or are you still working on it?
Work, work and work again – that's my motto! After all, learn all life, and I'm not going to stop.

7. What advice would you give to students before their first class?
There`re just three simple requests: relax, talk to me, laughing at my jokes :)