Denis Stulnikov

Denis is a TOP-teacher of DCM.

He was a choreographer-director for such artists as: Ani Lorak, Sergey Lazarev, Ivan Dorn, Gaitana, Taisia Povaliy and for solo concerts of Sergey Lazarev "Heartbeat" (Moscow, November 16, 2011) and "Lazarev" (Moscow, March 30, 2013). He was a Choreographer-Director of solo concerts of Ani Lorak at the Kiev Palace of Sports, October 19, 2013) and in Moscow (at Kremlin Palace, October 27, 2013.)

The choreographer-director of performances for TV projects: "Ukraine does not believe in tears" (Noviy TV channel), "The voice of the Country" (TV channel "1+1"), "Song of the Year 2013" (TV channel Inter). The choreographer-director of the opening ceremony of the NSC "Olympiysky". The choreographer-director of the TV project "Passion on the floor" (TV channel "Ukraine", 2014)

Teacher of the 1st and 2nd season of Myway Dance Academy.

Choreographer videos

  • "Hug me" and "Fire up your heart" Ani Lorak;
  • "Wow" ("I'm So Amazing") Ruslana;
  • “Barefoot Autumn" Django;
  • "Brand New Star” Dilnaz Ahmadieva;
  • "Northern Lights" Ivan Dorn;
  • "Electric Touch" and "Take It of" Sergey Lazarev;
  • "Addicted" Adelina;
  • "Pulse" Kazaky.

Choreographer of team of Zaporozhye in the first season of the MAIDANS show on TV channel Inter, the choreographer of the General dance of choreographers in the 3rd season. Choreographer of dance performances for brands: Adidas, Nike, Ray Ban (Luksoptica), Marlboro (Philip Morris Romania), Renault (presentation of the new truck).

The judge of the Beat Street Dance 2012 festival.