Dasha Sudak

Works in direction: hip-hop
Facts about the teacher:

- All the mountains start with pebbles, huge ascents from the trails, and it all started with "oh my God, what I'm doing here" in the first lessons of ballroom dance at the age of 7.
- I love this life too much to separate it fragmentarily: "this thing is good - I will be inspired, perhaps". For me, inspiration is a state. That's how happiness is. Of course, books, people, life situations
- Life, in general - contributed to this. Probably, I will not give a more accurate answer than "love", that in me and to dance - this is the inspiration. 
- The self-remembering memory is probably the first battle: there is no turning back - your way out. 
- The main qualities of a dancer are creative thinking and respect for his cockroaches. Sincerity and honesty to yourself. Only in this way do you understand the true meaning of what you are doing and are ready to give it to.
- My goal is to create and create myself: to seek new forms and not be afraid to be misunderstood, because art can not be criticized, because every mistake is a creation. I'm for experiments, and I want to share this with others.
- Go to the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still be among the stars. I have big and main goals, which I break into several small ones - step by step I approach the main ones.
- Come, I'll introduce you to the new neighbors in your head.