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Danya Demehin:

Danya Demehin

Works in the direction: jazz-funk
Facts about the teacher:

- Professional career began in 2008 after winning the European Championships in modern dance, my coach moved to another city and I started teaching in a studio in my hometown.
- I am inspired by the moment of self-development, achievement of certain goals and the path to new goals, emotions and close people!
- Every day when I go into the hall and leave it late at night, there are my favorite memories.
- Dancers should have many qualities, both good and bad, to realize their mistakes and improve, the main thing for me is a good mood every day.
- I want to teach you to believe in what you are doing, in the fact that you are dancing, because to remain yourself is the most important thing. And, of course, to dance.
- As they say, there is no limit to perfection, it would be very boring to live in our sphere if we were all perfect.
- Smile more, do not be afraid, ask more questions, lead a dialogue with me, love yourself and be positive!