Danya Bobrov

Style: hip-hopMaster-classes: Pacman, Stany the Game, B-boy Kolobok
Facts about the teacher:

1. My dance career began with the fact that my mother brought me to dance. And a year later I performed on the stage of the Palace of Ukraine.
2.It inspires me to dance, of course, people who are more experienced and more technically me in the dance sphere. You look at them with admiration and run to the hall to work on yourself until you drop.
3. My favorite memory is still my first visit to the dance hall.
4. The most important quality for a dancer, as for me is perseverance. From my own experience I know that sometimes there are times when you do not get something out, and because of this you want to drop your arms and sit at home in front of the TV during training. But, unfortunately, near the TV, I never got to come up with some kind of link or work out a power move.
5. First of all, I want to share with my students my dancing experience, to present the fruits of my reflections and the results of training in an accessible form for everyone. And, of course, to raise and diversify their dance level.
6. For me, always the goal was to do what I liked. This goal was achieved by my mother when she led me to my first training session.