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Vlastelina Belous:

Vlastelina Belous

Works in the direction: contemporary

Facts about the teacher:

- My parents brought me to the variety-sports team, just to let their girl dance, and no one suspected that this would become a love of all life. 
- If you wait for inspiration, it can not to come:). Often, I am motivated by today's mood, emotions, thoughts, goals and tasks. The most powerful engine for me was always my students.
- Each memory is bright and meaningful in its own way, but one of the favorite - it was a walk along the promenade of Hong Kong, on which the musicians played. They played my favorite songs, and to keep from not starting to dance was unreal.
- The most important quality of a dancer for me is honesty. Dancing is, above all, creativity, and it does not tolerate falsehood.
- I want to teach my students the same honesty) To teach them to perceive dances not as a sport or beautiful pictures, but to find something more in it.
- I try to live the present, and work on short-term goals.
- Advice to students - do not be afraid!