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Ania Guarana

Choreographer and teacher with an experience more than 5 years.

She teaches ragga dancehall, afro-jazz, afrofitness, strip-plastic and booty dance.

Also she was a Choreographer of TV-show: "Masha and models" (TET), "Teach me dance" ("City").

Anna was a participant and winner of prizes at festivals: UDS (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Kharkov Dance Open Championship.

She studied at:

  • Jeraldine Armstrong
  • Tatiana Tarabanova
  • Guillaume Lorentz;
  • Jiffson JIFF;
  • Cisco Gomez;
  • Sasha Sherman.

Also Anna take part in video shooting for:

  • Stacey Dogs "Why";
  • Stacey Dogs "Barcodes";
  • Potap “Malimenya”.

Seven facts about me:

- Dance for me began to emulate with my older sister. At that time, she danced for a long time, and I asked my mom to send me to the dance class. Since then, I dance without stops, even when I was in decree.

- I was most inspired by life in its diversity, emotions, and colors.

- The warmest memory, this is work with my loved ballet.

- For a dancer it is very important not to exhaust themselves in the frame, and always look out for their limit.

- I want to teach my students to be unfettered and endurance. Always work out of the comfort zone, only then will there results.

- I don’t have any goals. I get pleasure from the dance and people who surround

- I advise students not to compare yourself to someone in the hall. And to compare yourself  with you from yesterday. If you better than yesterday, something happened, something made that's the result!