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Anya Artsyman:

Anya Artsyman

Works in direction: choreography

Facts about the teacher:

- My dad was brought to dance by me.
- I am inspired by my favorite choreographers, emotions, the presentation of the performance of the choreography, the state of viewing the dancer's experience while performing the choreography.
- Each event is unique: it's championships, and trips, and dance camps. Fair Play Dance Camp is the brightest remembrance. Fateful acquaintance with stunning favorite teachers. Admission to the Academy for the budget.
- The most important quality for a dancer is discipline.
- I want to teach my students to be themselves first! To be able to talk with your body. 
- I work, work and once again work. I'm building everything around the brick.
- Our most important opponent is fear! So never be afraid of anything! Only forward! Together we are one great force, one whole, one family!