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Group timetable
Anna Khalikova:

Anna Khalikova

Styles: contemporary, stretching.

Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, she was engaged in a ballroom choreography, at the moment is developing in the direction of Contemporary, Hip- Hop.

Regular visits the master classes of Denis Stulnikov, Dima Petrovich, Kostya Koval, Ilya Padzina. Also Daniele Sibilli, Vasya Kozar, Oleg Tatarinov.

- Filming in the video of Alisher
- Filming for live-video of the band Bahroma
- Worked at solo concert of Sergey Gladyr
- Cheerleading

Seven facts about the teacher:

1. How did your dance career begin?

It all began with rhythmic gymnastics! Mom was bored, and she led me to the training (for now thank her), where I the coach saw me and invited to her group!

2. What inspires you to dance?
The source of my inspiration is primarily the music! Also it`s feelings, emotions, talented people, fairytale, magic and super-heroes! In general, it`s all real, strong and fabulous!)

3. What is your favorite memory connected with dancing?
I know how to appreciate the little things! Especially when you are doing what you love –everything is important for you! So many memories and every one is favorite and unique!

4. In your opinion, what is the most important quality for a dancer?
The most important quality for a dancer - it's a passion! The passion and love for his work! Because that's what this feeling means – a complete surrender! Guided by this emotion the most incredible things committed, the most masterpiece artwork had been created! Where is a passion – there will be a faith, and hard work, and everything else!

5. What do you want to teach your students?
I want to teach students to control the body, because it is our instrument and many do not even know what it can do!

6. Anyone starting a career makes some goals. Did you reach yours or are you still working on it?
Goals always are and always will be! After all, there are no limits to perfection!

7. What advice would you give to students before their first class?
I want to wish to forget about all the problems, to work conscientiously and have fun!