Group timetable
Anna Belichenko:

Anna Belichenko

Graduate of Myway Dance Academy vol.3

Works in hip-hop, jazz-funk, house.

Student of Lilya Nedzelskaya and Dima Petrovich

Seven facts about me:

 - I cannot say exactly when I stop treating dance as a hobby and wanted something more. Perhaps the beginning of my dance career should be called the day I passed the casting and became a teacher at the Dance Centre Myway.

- When I dance, I can be anything. It is possible to take off for a few minutes from reality, from the problems that surround us and be reincarnated. Yet, it is sometimes difficult to put your feelings into words, but you can show them in your dance. Perhaps it inspires me.

- It's always been performance. It is impossible to describe the feeling when you are on stage. Recently, a pleasant memories of dancing started adding more. Now, when I see the progress of my students, I realize that I'm on the right track.

- Of course, it's perseverance and hard work. In order to achieve something in the dance should be stubborn and work on yourself. Not just a long time, and permanently. And never give up.

- I want to teach  my students, first of all, enjoy the dance. Because without this visit studios loses all meaning. And I want to help each person find his manner of performance the choreography, not just memorize synchronously. 

- As soon as I reach a certain tactical purpose - in my mind there is a new. I'm still only at the beginning and the main goal is not achieved, but I am trying to move in this direction

- Do not be afraid to ask questions! No matter how silly they may seem to you! Try to listen carefully to everything I say, and of course, working at full pace. See you in my class!