Sandra Putilova

Styles: hip-hop, jazz-funk
I dance for 3 years.
Student of Sasha Putilov and Maxim Kovtun

She attended workshops: Les Twins, Kaelynn Harris, Ian Eastwood, Hollywood, Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, Tony Tzar, Kenzo Alvarez, Darrion, Josh Williams, Lando Wilkins, Lia Kim, Brian Purpose, Keone Madrid, Mari Madrid, Salah; Kapela Marna, Laure; Alisa & Baiba, Paradox, Dres Reid, Dennis Stulnikov, Lilya Nedzelskaya, Dima Petrovich

Facts about me:

1. It all started with just a normal dance at school. Even then I realized that I was in love with it. The realization that I wanted to do it professionally came only during classes in Dance Centre Myway.

2. I am inspired by my people, music, positive emotions, travel, training.

3. Each workout, trips and festivals bring unforgettable memories and emotions.

4. Top qualitiy for dancers is especially understanding of what you are doing and why you need it. As well as the hard work and dedication. You do it for yourself, not for others! Prove to yourself what you know and what you can!

5. I want to teach my students to open, feel the music, love dance, do not be afraid to exercise and look for something new.

6.On my opinion, fully achieve goals is to stop development. The objectives have always been, are and will be and the most ambitious are yet to come. It only takes time and persistence!

7. Do not be afraid to ask questions the teacher. Even the most stupid, at first glance,  ones can bring you in the right direction. We must not be afraid to express ourselves, both in dance and in everyday life. Dance at home, school, outdoors, classes. And, of course, be patient, because the path to the top will be very difficult, but incredibly interesting!