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Alexandr Ushakov:

Alexandr Ushakov

Aleksandr Ushakov is a teacher  of Myway Dance Academy. His style is house .
Dance Style:
Hip-Hop, House, Krump, Locking, Popping, Breakdance, C-Walk, Contemporary, Ballroom Dancing, Jazz, Experimental, Social.

Dances for 21 years
Teaches for 16 years

Experience and achievements:

Tooks part in judging of dance competition and battles.
Participant of projects: "Танцы без правил" (Moscow), "Танцуют Все 1-3". Choreographer of "Фабрики Звезд 2", TV-show "Шанс", "Любовь и Музыка" (М1).
Tooks part in choreographic performances of TV-projects "Україна має талант". Creator of performance on TV-show "Танцы со звёздами".
Collaboration with celebrities: Богдан Титомир, Серёга, Светлана Лобода, Бьянка, Евгения Власова, Анна Седокова.
Founder of Dance School "Santi Dance Project".
Dancer, choreographer of legendary ukrainian ballets "Quest", "Turbo", and Nataly Mogilevskaya's ballet "Talant".
Participant of "Quest Pistols Show".
Organizer street dance marathons "Funky Session Street Expression".
Choreographer of "A.D.Club Show" by Andrey Dzhedzhula.
Choreographer of international conferenceL'Oreal MATRIX WORLD TOUR 2011/Turkey.
Founder of ballet "JAGA NUTS".

Winner of international fesivals "M.I.R. Ukraine"(Simpheropol) Hip-Hop 2x2 on judging Buddha Stretch(Elite Force,USA); Ukrainian Open Battle(Evpatoria) House 2x2; U.O.B.-3(Evpatoria) House 2x2;"Перезагрузка"(Vinnytsa) nom. House 1x1 on judging Henry Link(Elite Force,USA); winner of festival "Jump to style"(Kiev) - House; "City Underground Fest" - Locking; "Underground Dance Stars 3" (Kharkov) - House 1x1; "Underground Dance Stars 3" (Kharkov) - C-Walk Contest;"Respect Open Battle" (Kiev) - New-Style; "Underground Dance Stars 2" (Kharkov) - New-Style 2x2; U.O.B.-3 (Evpatoria), "Make Noise Battle" (Chernigov) - House 1x1; "U.D.S 5;6" - Locking, 2 place; "U.D.S 8" - Locking 2x2, 2 place;"U.D.S 4" - House, 2 place; "U.D.S. 1" (Kharkov) - Hip-Hop, 2 place; Nike Convention Battle (Kiev) - Hip-Hop 2x2, 2 place.

Seven facts about me:

- As a child, I wanted to go to karate or football, but in seven years, my mother took me to ballroom dancing. I resisted for a long time, but they gave me the most beautiful partner, and it was then that I loved to dance. Thus began my journey into the world of dance.

- I could be inspired by many things. First I thank God for what He has given me this talent, because I try to dance for him, to somehow to thank for it. Interaction with other dancers inspires me; I like to witness the creativity of other people in different styles of dance, and not only dance, but any other kinds of art. I am watching movies that can inspire, or just a walk in nature. After all, this world is beautiful and its beauty can give inspiration to create something beautiful!

- I like to remember the time when I was dancing in the ballet "Quest", we did something new, which was not yet in Ukraine. We were a team, and it was great!

- I believe that the most important quality for a dancer - it's the courage to try something new! (And of course hard work, much hard work!)

- I want to teach my students around them to become dancers, not copycats! :)) What do I mean? Now, many give only just choreography and ligaments, but do not learn to dance. Do not give a base understanding of how there was a dance, it is based on what and how to learn to create and improvise. Therefore, those who have the opportunity to receive such knowledge can learn to repeat after someone movement, but when you just have to dance to the music, they absolutely do not have a clue how to do it. I want my students to learn to express themselves in dance - able how to dance choreography and improvisation. And understand what is the basis of dance. It’s important.

- I achieved many of the goals that set for myself. I would say the most part. But, there is always something to strive for, so much more to come! God bless!

- I want to say that the most important thing - is to try to relax, take yourself as you are, just trust your dance teacher and not be afraid, if something does not turn out right. Everything must come out sooner or later!! Good luck & God bless you!