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Adelina Germanchuk:

Adelina Germanchuk

Works in direction: classics
Facts about the teacher:

- I am inspired by different life events: good and not very good. And, of course, by music, professional dancers, theater, cinematography and everything that surrounds me.
- I remember the first classes in classics, I remember how I did the "staging" in school, I remember the first tournament and the first victory, as the first time I came to Dance Center Myway, the girl who sold the first subscription to me, the first lesson, the first training, the first step on the stage, the first video shoot - in general, a lot of good memories!
- The most important quality for a dancer is hard work.
- I want to help to disclose to students their potential, to open new opportunities in manifesting themselves to the world and to find individuality. I want to teach them to dance cool and get pleasure from it!
- I'm quite a purposeful person, so I have many goals: both achieved and delivered. In my opinion, they should always be, because there is no limit to perfection!
- Never give up! Never and under no circumstances! And if you want something - do it!