Olia Kryzhanovskaia

Direction: yoga

Dancing for 5 years

Workshops: Eldad Ben Sasson, Jarek Cemerek, Erica Maria Silgoner, Nagato Ninja B-Fuji, Elena Bonchinche, Smetana Ninja-Bonchinche, Martina Precious, Steicy Precious, Dima Bonchinche, Alex the Cage, Paradox, Slam, Snejana Snow, Alesya Dmitry Gaitukevich, Erez Zohar and others.

Facts about teacher:

1. My first dancing job was when I was 14 years old, I was in the national team in the New Year dancing performances at the Odessa circus.

2. I am inspired by the world around us, the people, and the music.

3. Favorite memories – a trip into my first dance camp.

4. One of the most important qualities of a dancer – diligence.

5. I want to teach my students to work on themselves, smarty develop their dance.

6. I do not set goals; I work, because the achievement of one goal courses another.

7. Wishing my students: to grow and to believe in our own strength!