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Nastya Goncharuk:

Nastya Goncharuk

Works in direction Hip-Hop

Facts about the teacher:

- 5 years ago, traveling Europe, in Paris I got on street jam, at that time I did not understand all the details. As it turns out now, I watched the releases of living legends. I came to Kiev, my acquaintances advised me to go to Dance Center Myway - and I started to get acquainted with the culture of dance.
- I get a huge charge from watching the movements of the body, realizing that he has an unlimited opportunity to move around in space, this is what everyone has and that's fine.
- All the victories and defeats, new acquaintances are wonderful memories.
- The most important quality for a dancer is hard working.
- I want to help students learn to use the maximum possible internal potential and potential of the body. Then the dance will reach an absolute consensus in all elements.
- There are a lot of goals, and each time one flows from the other, but not one missed!
- Concentration and self-confidence never fail.