Michael Ilin

Works in direction: jazz-pop

Facts about the teacher:
- My dance path started trite as well as the majority, my parents took me to dances in the Palace of Culture, it was at 7 years old. More seriously, I started from the age of 16, and it was then that I realized that I wanted to relate life to it.
 - I am inspired to dance everything that surrounds me. But most often it's music, my students and other dancers, teachers, choreographers.
- Remember, there are enough dancing related to me and there are so many of them that I can not single out the brightest one.
- In my opinion, the most important quality for a dancer is an individuality, to be different from others and not afraid to add something of his own.
- My main goal is self-development and self-improvement.
- The advice I want to give students before their occupation is not to be afraid!