Julia Oshchepkova

Works in the following directions: latina, commercial choreography, jazz-funk.

Shooting in music videos:
Zlata Ognevic - Tantsyuvati; E.K.A. - Танці на воді; TV project "Kruche vsekh" on Inter.

Participation in championships:
Feel the Beat 2015 - 1 place,
The Challenge 2017 - 1 place.

Master classes: Greg Chapkis, Danielle Sibilli, Dylan Mayoral, Jeremy Lepine, Iker Karrera, Stephen Aspinall, Frankwa Marna, Alisa Tsitseronova, Denis Stulnikov, Ruslan Makhov, Masha Kozlova, Vasily Kozar, Artem Volosov, Kostya Koval, Dima Petrovich and others.

Facts about the teacher:
1. When I was 5 years old, my Mom took me to folk dance. After giving classics and folk choreography for 10 years, I moved to modern directions.
2. No matter how strange it sounds, but the distrust of many to my favorite cause inspires and stimulates to dance further, more, it is better to show it to everyone and myself - not in vain.
3. My favorite memory is the gala concert of the project "SYTYCD - 7". When the winner was announced, something seemed to click inside me, that I also want always to win, and I will quickly achieve this.
4. The most important thing is belief in yourself. Only with this quality can achieve many peaks, overcoming all obstacles on the way.
5. My goal is that one day my student told me that he likes how he dances. This is the best I could hear from a student.
6. Reaching one goal, we immediately set ourselves another. Therefore, I have not yet achieved all my goals.
7. Whatever you do in life - love your job. If you do not like it - do not waste life on it, keep looking for yourself, and one day you will find it!