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MyMonth Kids

An unlimited pass for classes during month in any kids group except Kids PRO.

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График работы
пн-сб 10:00-22:00
вс 10:00-15:00


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  • MyKids4 A pass for 4 classes in Kids group.
    540 uah. Buy
  • Kids Pro Unlimited Unlimited pass for all kids classes
    3945 uah. Buy
  • MyKids8 A pass for 8 classes in Kids group.
    970 uah. Buy
  • Kids Pro A pass for 12 classes during month in Kids PRO.
    1620 uah. Buy
  • MyTop Kids8 A pass for 8 classes in TopKids groups.
    1360 uah. Buy
  • MyTop Kids4 A pass for 4 classes in TopKids groups.
    865 uah. Buy