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Dance abilities are in every child and themain task of parents - is not to miss the very moment when it is simpler and more interesting to begin learning dance. In the groups for kids of Dance Centre Myway studying kids of 3 years and older!  

Young dancers do first steps in modern dance art under the guidance of professional dancers, teachers of Dance Centre Myway, among them are - Katya Voronina,Yulia Genry, Katya Shepelenko, Alisa Sokolovskaya, Ira Vlasova, Artem Spitfire, Angelina Melnik, Valera Skrypka, Anya Belichenko, Alina Pishevec, Julia Chernova. Also in Dance Centre Myway work two concert KidsPro groups, created not only for studying dance by kids, butalso regular performances on different festivals, contests, filmings, show, concerts! 

It is never too late to get child to study dance: selection to the group of Dance Centre Myway is actual for a whole year, and it doesn't matter on what month your kid started to dance, he will always will feel comfortable and will go fast in the rhym of dance life.  

To be tuned - join the official group of kids style in Vkontakte!