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Open new: Myway.2.Skill!

Our guest on Myway.2.Skill came from the solar capital of Moldova, Chisinau city. Svetlana Vinnik dances for 5 years, she`s a Master of Sports in ballroom dancing and dancing in the show-ballet for quite a long time. But the fate of dance led her to the status of the teacher, who shares her experiences with the growing generation.

"The level of dancing in Moldova is much lower than here. Therefore, there are styles that are hard to accustom to us, for example, vogue, contemporary, jazz-funk. And even if there are people who do it, then they teach everything from the videos "- Sveta says.

Crossing the threshold of the Centre, without losing a moment, she immediately began intensive training:

"At the first day I had time to visit the class by Lilya Nedzelskaya, I really enjoyed it, especially the manner of teaching. Lilya is a motivator, she explains cool and you want to work harder. Another was Dima Petrovich, who is also very cool. I also attended the class by Tata Taranyuk – a special girl, who inspires "- a guest says.

She plans to visit Kostya Koval`s contemporary, hip-hop by Lilya and choreography by Lada Kasinets. She decided to try all the possible styles.

"I want to expand the boundaries of my body that will help in the future to develop my pupils and I want to test myself too.

I would like to wish Dance Centre to develop more because things you're doing are amazing, you join thousands of people and there is a great level of teachers and dancers!" - Svetlana says.

We are waiting for you and your students visiting us!

See you in Dance Centre Myway!