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Find yourself: Myway.2.Skill

The history of our guests on the program Myway.2.Skill, perhaps, differs from most of those with whom we communicated.

Alexandra Morozova came to us from Cyprus and spent more than ten years of her life working in journalism, mass media and PR management. But at one point her life changed radically, and dance changed her:

"I started dancing when I was 28 years old and quite by accident. Passing by the dance studio of the Russian ballet, I decided to go and see and just try. I gradually began to work in ballet, to develop in this, and last summer I went to St. Petersburg, where spent a month and a half attending classes in different styles. I returned to Cyprus and realized that it was terribly boring there, because there are no dance studios. But by a fluke, I learned about the Dance Center Myway!"- Alexandra shares with us.

Constant signs and the catchphrase "Kyiv" inspired the girl to an idea to visit our city:

"I have unlimited ticket and I would like to go not only to vogue, but also to jazz-funk studious, as well as contemporary, besides I managed to visit heels and strip-plastic. Artem Lazarev and Nazar Klypych are teachers who fascinated me, after all each of them is original and interesting in its own way. I like that they pay attention to each student, patiently explain, especially to newcomers like me. Also, I liked the lessons of Mira Danko and several contemporary teachers.

If you compare with St. Petersburg, then there is a lot of base and a good basis for dancing. More look at the technique, and do not work for the result. In Myway, there is an experience that can be transferred in the future to someone else. I'm here for the first time, and only for 2 weeks, but I'm already thinking about coming back to Myway Dance Academy. Despite the age, I really want to dance, and why not!"- the girl says.

"For those who think - to go here or not to go, she answers "yes" - definitely go. This is a cool school with opportunities for development!"

Thanks to our guest - we hope that staying in our center will help in its development and search for vocations.

See you at Dance Center Myway!