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The guests to dance: Myway.2.Skill

Belarus has become the leading country in the number of our Myway.2.Skill guests, and it is notweird, because dance culture unites very much. Therefore, we have to remember the visit of the three dancers from Minsk - Vitaly Molchan, Katia Sevastinovich and Karina Shayko.

Guys are dancing a long time, in addition, girls study in the University of Arts, and the guy had graduated, now he trains and dances in the theater. Working in a pop direction, guests do not adhere to specific style, so they got absolutely everything to learn in Dance Centre Myway.

Guys learned about our studio from the Internet, and have been attracted by lot of opportunity to dance:

"I came to dance, because there are not a lot of opportunities for this at home"- Vitaliy shares with us.

"We want to dance, get a new material, to find new exercises for ourselves, try ourselves in different directions" - girls talk.

The guests do not come for the specific styles, so they try to visit as much as possible a variety of studios:

"I tried to go to every class. I more relaxed on contemporary and studied on other classes, because you never danced hip-hop or jazz-funk, nor any other styles and trends - I also came for this" - dancer says.

"We remember those who charged us with energy. Valera Skripka was very memorable and Bogdan Harlym, Veronika Komar, Dima Petrovich, Anna Khalikova and many outstanding personalities" - one of the guests says.

"I attended mainly contemporary, modern, stretching, jazz-funk, tried vogue» - her friend says.
But the study, attending classes and a trip here were because they have one goal - to become good dancers, professionals in their field, to travel, see the world.

"We really liked the studio, halls and atmosphere. We`ve got here all what we expected, so the impression of being in Dance Centre Myway are the best! "- the guys tell.

We hope you got everything, which you`ve come for and had a great time in dance studio. We will wait for your return!

See you at the Dance Centre Myway!