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Dancing Dreams: Polina Mikhailenko

We are happy to welcome guests on Myway.2.Skill always, regardless of which country or city they come from to learn. And everyone brings own story.

This time the guest from Dneprodzerzhinsk visited us – Polina Mikhailenko. The gymnast in the past, she left the sport and immediately started looking for a dance studio:

"I knew about Dance Centre Myway for a long time from my friend, who also retired from gymnastics to dance, I watched videos on her social networks. But I began to engage dancing in Dnepropetrovsk, because it was much closer to home.

Attending modern dance for year, I started looking for information about the Dance Centre Myway, and decided to come here for a month to gain experience.
Also, I thought about the project Myway Dance Academy, but has tried to come on the program Myway.2.Skill" - the girl says.

Palina believes that studying one direction is meaningless, because the professional should be universal:

"The closest style for me is contemporary, it's the dance, through which I can convey emotions and feelings, but I also enjoy jazz-funk, hip-hop, pop-jazz, jazz-modern - I think that dancer must be able to dance everything" - Pauline says.

In the future, the guest wants to be a choreographer, to take part in a dance project, and even to open her own dance studio. Afterall, dancing for her is everything. Now she is working hard on herself and dance skills:

"At first I thought that only super dancers can get here, but anyone can come into Dance Centre Myway. I attend almost all classes – Polina Ivaniuk on pop-jazz, Mira Danko on contemporary, Lilya Nedzelskaya to jazz-funk, and Yulia Chernova on stretching, Yulia Henry, Sasha Putilov on hip-hop, Veronika Komar and many others" - Pauline said.

And she thinks to stay here for a longer time, because dancing not releases her so easy, and, who knows, maybe soon it will remain in our studio for a long time:

"I liked absolutely everything here - the situation, the people, the atmosphere. And I do not want to leave the studio. I would like to wish those who are now in the Academy, more energy (because I talk to many of them), and to all the teachers – more jokes and good mood in the classroom!" - she wishes.

We, in turn, hope that your staying here will give an incentive to work and develop even more, and all dance dreams will come even closer.

See you at the Dance Centre Myway!