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Teachers also study: Myway.2.Skill!

We just wrote that Belarus is the most active country on Myway.2.Skill program and a group of 6 people who want to learn from our teachers came into Dance Centre Myway – Natalia Marasova, Valentina Tsydik, Tatiana Trasko, Diana Dukhanina, Anastasia Aleinikova, Ilya Zhogal.

The boys came from Belarus, Grodno. Everyone has their own way to the dance: someone with has 5 years of experience in a variety of styles and got a choreographic education, someone just starts way in this world. All of them are united by one thing: all girls are the teachers of modern dance school "Adept".

 "We got know about Myway.2.Skill from the Internet. Following the news of your school, for a long time we are going to come, but it was not possible. And then we packed their bags... and here we are! "- Natalia says.

Guys were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere in the studio: the staff, the teachers:
"Everyone was very friendly, cheerful. We often hear the phrase "the world of dance". Here it is real: everything revolves around dance"- Valya says.

According to Diana, the guests were attended classes on contemporary, jazz-funk, hip-hop, krump, dancehall, modern, stretching, afro-fitness:

"We are very interested in teaching style, manner of communication and creating a unique atmosphere in the classroom. Every teacher is different, everyone is trying to bring its own flavor. We were able to take a fresh look at the dance styles, to get new ideas and inspiration " – Anastasia says.

Valya completes colleague`s words with her vision: "Dancing is our life. We dance for yourself, teach others. We try to show them that in the world there is something more important than the Internet and social networks. It's fun, it's exciting, here everyone can find their place, find friends, work, family, and most importantly – themselves".

Dance Centre Myway pleased that the experience gained at our studios, it is useful to more and more people not only in our country:

"We want to Dance Centre Myway has always remained the same center of the dance, not to lose this atmosphere. You're moving in the right direction. We wish you talented teachers, grateful students and creative development. And we even come to you!" – guys told.

Thanks to each of you, we are looking forward to your visit – learn and teach, all the best on your dance way!
See you at the Dance Centre Myway!