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Looking for contemporary: Myway.2.Skill from France

Foreign countries and Europe in particular attract many dancers with their workshops, dance camps and experience. But Dance Centre Myway attracts many people from Europe too, such as our new guests from France on Myway.2.Skill program - Cleo Cqnaueteau and her teacher Gerome Cristina.

"I'm from Paris, I started dancing when i was18, but before that for 10 years of my life were devoted to gymnastics. I think I tried all styles of dance, but contemporary is the closest to me. My teacher decided to go here to learn, I also decided to gain new experience "- says Cleo.

"I'm from the Montpellier. I started dancing when I was14 years old and now I teach dancing in native France. I learned about the Dance Centre Myway from the Internet, viewing videos with the your teachers. And I said myself - "Okay, I have to come here and learn this way of dancing". In France, the contemporary and modern significantly differ, as the methods of teaching do"- says Jerome.

«Dance Centre Myway is amazing. For the first time coming here, I immediately saw how much it differs from the French schools. This is a wonderful place, full of life energy "- says the dancer.

"We were surprised not only with the design of the studio, but also the method of training. Preparation for classes takes a very long time in France, and here after a 10-minute warm-up, you proceed to learning the choreography. Impressive is that we see a variety of styles and manners of teachers"- girl is surprised . Both dancers have come for new information in the native style and, of course, did not lose their time:

"We seem to have visited all the possible classes on contemporary and modern, because we've come exactly for these. Polina Lukanskaya, Artem Gozhy are teachers, who we are particularly grateful to. But also, Mira Danko, Angelina Melnik, Maxim Kovtun surprised at the variety of styles",- the guests say.

Jerome noted the differences and strengths of our teachers: "The manner of every teacher is unique. All styles and their work are very interesting. I especially liked the approach to choreography of Maxim Kovtun. It's very differ from what we used to see in France. "

"We have a contemporary choreography creating on metronomic count... his music is completely broken for pickups, attention and expanded in movements, fixations. We have seen how important is music in his dance "- Kleo complements.

Our guests got something special here what they have come for.

"Of course, the experience gained here will be very useful to my classes. In addition to the manner and method of teaching, I took for myself how it is possible to link my movement with music "- the words of Jerome.

And Cleo is already starting to think about visiting us again:

"We will definitely come bak next year, and I think that we will take with us a couple of my friends, because I want to show people the way of dancing here!"

We will wait for you, we wish to achieve all dance and life goals! Grow and dance to the fun!

See you in Dance Centre Myway