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Myway.2.Skill: Natalia Bazaley and Prisyajnyuk Victoria

Two girls on Myway.2.Skill program came here from Almaty, Kazakhstan, and if you still did not get acquainted with the girls - we will immediately correct this mistake!

Despite the fact that the girls are united by a dance, they came to the dance world with different stories.

"I came here to see how the contemporary is taught here, but for some reason I was blown away in another direction - jazz-funk, jazz-pop, hip-hop - I'm kicking them and I do not want to go to another direction. I want to pumping over, to rest, to have a great time ", - says Vika.

"I do not have one style, because I danced everything and I always liked everything. I initially dealt with classics, folk and modern dances. I feel everything differently and enjoy it. I like hip-hop and jazz-funk - they have a certain energy. At the same time, dancing contemporary you can reach the depths of your soul. While something definite, I did not even disclose in myself, that's why I like all styles" - Natasha shares.

"I was most impressed with Julia Oschepkova - she has such energy! I was at several of her classes, different choreographies.

I liked very much how Sasha Putilov works, how he keeps the audience, he is always positive, jokes! At his studios everything is much easier to perceive and learn - a very cool atmosphere. We also went to Maxim Kovtun - it was quite difficult, but unrealistic energy from him charges! "- Vika says.

"The week is coming to an end, and we have not yet managed to get around everything and go everywhere. But I agree with Vika that "Thee Best" here and the most "Positive" one is ​​Sasha Putilov, he knows how to keep the crowd. Even if something does not work out - you do not want to leave, he manages and keeps the crowd, and support and cheer, at the same time have time to show the choreography, and keep a good pace of work. He has all the qualities that a teacher needs, - I look at him as a professional in his field!

Maxim Kovtun. I do not have much time in hip-hop, and not always I managed to grasp the material. But it was very vigorous - you feel like you are charging yourself with a teacher, his mood, there is some special energy in him - he is very cool!

Interesting choreography was at the studio of Misha Ilin - you enjoy how you dance! "- Natasha says.

After some time in the dance atmosphere of Dance Center Myway, it seems that the girls have become an inseparable part of it:

"For those who want to come, we want to say - Forward! Just need to go! Those who want to develop, you need to go to where this development is given, where you will enter the atmosphere where you work non-stop.

Here, even in breaks everyone communicates, hang out, watch the video - it's just necessary to be in such a dance atmosphere! There is no such thing that everyone is on his own. Even teachers go to each other in the studio, they dance and develop! All one big family and it is felt.

Everybody shares their experience and knowledge! "- the girls say.

We are glad that your stay here impressed you and we hope to see you in our dancing walls more than once! Realize your talent to the fullest - we will wait for your arrival again!

See you at Dance Center Myway!