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Myway.2.Skill is a permanent lasting program. It takes from 2 days up to 2 weeks or even your own term that fits you!

Any dance directions, any teachers at any studio are open for students of Myway.2.Skill such as: hip-hop, contemporary, jazz-funk, vogue, heels, krump, pop-jazz, popping, locking, house, street-jazz, latina, afro fitness, stretching, yoga, strip plastic, breaking, dancehall, jazz, waacking, classic dance,dances for kids.

Within the framework of Myway.2.Skill project there were students from Great Britain, USA, Brazil and Russia. All news are available on our web-site.

There is a Myway Café at the Dance Centre Myway that provides students with snacks and drinks in between the classes.

And there are beautiful streets of Ukrainian capital waiting for you after the intensive classes!

Any distance should stand between you and your dance evolution.The largest dance center of Europe is waiting for your attendance!

Basic price includes unlimited classes at Dance Centre Myway.

Basic price not include participation in DANCESHOT and workshops involving specially invited choreographers. Such classes and events are charged separately.

To apply for Myway.2.Skill please fill the form at the right corner of this page.

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