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Kids PRO

KIDS PRO - is a team of talented children and adolescents, created for performances at various festivals, competitions, shooting, show, concerts!

Do you want your child to grow artistic and charming, knew how to present himself on stage and beyond, becoming a professional dancer since the childhood, and in the future could connect his life with the scene? Then our new KIDS PRO group  is created just for him!

Alexander Bobyk, founder of the Dance Centre Myway: "The main difference of KIDS PRO is that this group will deliberately seek to produce specific results. Its purpose - to create a professional dance group, which will regularly participate in various concerts, festivals and other events. In addition, work in the performances, the competitive struggle, achievements and victories - is not just an experience, but also result indicators of dancer's work."

Teachers and group leaders of Kids PRO - are experienced children's teachers, choreographers.

The cost of classes: 955 UAH. for 12 lessons

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