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DANCESHOT is a great dance project from Dance Centre Myway.

Each month DANCESHOT unites the best choreographers of Ukraine and near abroad under one roof. There are dozens of workshops of all modern styles that we organize for those who desire to receive a monthly volume of dance information during one day.

DANCESHOT presents both top teachers of Dance Centre Myway and guests from all regions of Ukraine and CIS countries. We offer the best choreographers whose performances you have seen on TV shows and performances and whose skills you would like to learn! They are Lilya Nedzelska, Dima Petrovich, Denis Stulnikov, Artem Volosov, Miriam Turkmenbaeva, Sasha Gerashenko, Vasia Kozar, Zhenya Karyakin, Ildar Tagirov, Rodion Farkhshatov, Nikita Eremin, Ania Teslya, Yana Zaets, Dima Scherbet, Elena Golovan and many others.

There were 20 intensives since August 2012 (from the time of the first DANCESHOT) with workshops from the best choreographers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. Moreover in the program DANCESHOT there are free workshops from young choreographers included.

We are holding workshops on hip-hop, contemporary, jazz-funk, pop-jazz, locking, popping, street-jazz, house, lyrical hip-hop, krump, latina, dancehall, vogue, waacking, jazz, stomp, tap, heels, стрип-пластика, experimental, modern fusion, breaking.

Now new teachers can give their own master class in project Danceshot.

What do you need to do?

Send us your name and dance video on e-mail social@mywaydance.com

Enough simple steps to you get a chance to start your own master classes, gather groups and to become famous in dance world!

Do not miss your chance! Danceshot waiting!

DANCESHOT schedule 2017 год:

  • January 29 - DANCESHOT 54
  • February 26 - DANCESHOT 55
  • March 26 - DANCESHOT 56
  • April 30 - DANCESHOT 57
  • May 28 - DANCESHOT 58
  • June 25 - DANCESHOT 59
  • July 30 - DANCESHOT 60
  • August 27 - DANCESHOT 61
  • September 24 - DANCESHOT 62
  • October 29 - DANCESHOT 63
  • November 19 - DANCESHOT 64
  • December 24 - DANCESHOT 65
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