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Vika Fucizhi: Myway Dance Academy 2019!

In the eighth season of the Myway Dance Academy - a mass of talented and interesting students with whom it is a pleasure to communicate. And to learn about the guys who are studying on a budget is even more interesting!

We talked with Vika Fucizhi, a girl who earned her place on the Academy budget and came to learn new things in dance with us:

“I’ve been dancing since birth, it seems to me, because I don’t remember the moment in my life when I would not like to dance. I remember how I watched various videos on TV and then just repeated the movements. I started to study seriously already about 19 years old when I entered the university, there were a lot of events and a dance hall, we even created our own team and I was its leader, put on different productions and performed both on the university stage and on the city stage ” - the girl tells about herself.

Dance for everyone means something different and it is not always easy to learn it.

“Dance for me is that I love, first of all.
The only difficulty for me is the quick memorization of choreography, because I myself have not studied anywhere; the only panacea is just to constantly go to classes and dance, and dance, and dance, but at the Academy I already see great progress, the more time passes, the faster it turns out to remember ”- share Vika.

How did a student find herself in the ranks of academics?

“I believe that Dance Center Myway is the best dance school: in Ukraine, at least. When I first arrived in Kiev, I immediately bought a membership card and went to different classes. Having crossed the threshold of the center, felt this atmosphere and fell in love, Myway is a place that is saturated with dance creativity. Upon learning about the academy, I immediately told myself that I definitely want to get there. Expectations did not coincide with reality, reality exceeded them hundreds of times, it is impossible to describe in words the enthusiasm for what is happening here!” - Vika say.

“The atmosphere at the Academy is very kind and creative. We all learn and support each other when we go out to jam, we know that no one evaluates and does not condemn, everyone supports sincerely and it is very felt.

Everyone in the group is so different, but the love of dancing and the desire to work and develop unites us.

As for educators, every educator is an example. But the most interesting, despite the enormous dancing experience and success that every teacher has already achieved, they are all as open and kind as possible, just wonderful people with whom you can joke and laugh and discuss anything. They will always advise you to correct, motivate at the right time, there are no those who like it better or less - all are beautiful!

Preparations are already underway for Teach Out - the graduation course! The guys decided who will put something, come up with numbers, recruit people, who will participate somewhere.

Examinations are a separate topic altogether: people go out after the exam and say “how cool” - not because they passed, but you liked the process, can you imagine?  The Academy destroys all stereotypes about exams. Exciting, of course, it’s all the same, but the impressions are very pleasant! ”- Vika tells about the everyday life of training.

Of course, the girl makes plans for the future and hopes to achieve her goals, working hard on this:

“The goal for the future is to move only forward and only in dance, to constantly develop in this direction and one day become part of Myway, because this place just captivated me with an unforgettable creative and warm atmosphere!

See you at the Dance Center Myway!