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Scream Battle will blow up the dance floor!

September 15th at the Dance Centre Myway will host a really cool and dance event of the city - Scream Battle!

This is not just competition and battles - it is a whole life in the world of dance, an exchange of new movements, energies and atmosphere! A unique event that cannot be missed!

The judges of Scream Battle will be ALLSTAR, RAZAN, SPITFIRE, WANTED, and MC Drone will become the voice of the event!

There will be only two nominations for Scream Battle, but a very interesting and at the same time simple judging system. The most important thing is the prize fund, which will not leave anyone indifferent! They will fight for a prize of 10,000 UAH!

Catch the beat - a nomination equivalent to Fusion Concept or Me Against The Music, or All Stylez. The whole essence of the nomination is that you need to dance as cool as possible to the music that the DJ will include. By the way, we will have one of the coolest DJs in Ukraine. @playa_rsk will play only the most bengarian bits of the world!

Krump is the most common nomination, all in the most standard traditions of krump culture.

300 UAH - participation in the Krump nomination
300 UAH - participation in the Catch the Beat nomination
500 UAH - participation in two categories

Registration of spectators at a low price until September 1, inclusive - 200 UAH.

Registration at low prices ends 1/09/2019. Therefore, do not miss your chance and hurry to register at a low price!

Event Details: Scream Battle
Date: September 15, 2019
Location: Shulyavskaya metro, st. Dozenka 3, Dance Center Myway
Prize: 10 000 UAH.

Partners - @droneshmot / @playa_rsk

See you at the Dance Centre Myway!