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Dance Centre Myway: Scholarship

Dance Centre Myway offers scholarships to foreign students with a possibility to study during 4 weeks for free.

Any dance directions, any teachers at any studio are open such as: hip-hop, contemporary, jazz-funk, vogue, heels, krump, pop-jazz, popping, locking, house, street-jazz, latina, afro fitness, stretching, yoga, strip plastic, breaking, dancehall, jazz, waacking, classic dance,dances for kids and others.

You can choose classes you like the most, levels and styles and learn as much as you can. After completion of course student will receive a certificate of study in dance center. Dance Centre Myway scholarship program:  

Amount of scholarship: 800$ 

Deadline: December 31, 2018
Eligibility Requirements: 

1.Create the author's choreography.
2. Remove your performance of the choreography on the video. Quality is desirable, but not determinative.
3. Share a dance video on YouTube
4. Send to scholarship@mywaydance.com a letter with the subject in the heading "I want to get scholarship in Dance Centre Myway".

The letter should contain:

- your surname, name, patronymic;
- a link to your video in Youtube;  

Details of Myway Dance scholarship:
Start: February 1, 2019
Duration: 4 weeks 
Form of training: full-time (4 lessons per day)  

Join the program and get your choice to study for free!