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Teachers and groups: much more

On the stand of teachers Dance Center Myway has become more 2 more photos, and the schedule has replenished with several studios that are definitely worth your attention!

On September 15, the new teacher of the center awaits you at his first free class - Andrei Povoznikov:

Style: contemporary
Days: Wednesday / Saturday
Time: 20:00
Hall: С
Category: easy
Level: begginers

September 15th classes will be free for everyone!

On September 14, a group of Denis Dickinson opens in the style of jazz-pop, which in the future will be engaged in such a schedule:

Style: jazz-pop
Days: Tuesday / Friday
Time: 16:00
Hall: D
Category: easy
Level: begginers

Free class will be held on Friday, September 14!

Also, this week the group of Victor Glukh on vogue is postponed in the schedule. Now the guys will be engaged in this schedule:

Style: vogue
Days: Tuesday / Friday
Time: 18:00
Hall: B
Category: easy
Level: begginers

On Friday, the first free class will be held - we are waiting for you!

See you at Dance Centre Myway!