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Myway Dance Academy: Dancehall vibes!

Dancehall is a special course at Myway Dance Academy that leaves a lasting impression on students. This season was no exception.

Several students left their comments about the time spent on Anya§s classes.

“Dancehall was special for me, we always have a cool atmosphere in training, and all this is thanks to our teacher Anna, who makes each lesson interesting, fun and informative.

Lessons were very memorable when Anna took us to the park, where we jammed for 1.5 hours.

Also, we had a lesson when a drummer came to us and we all danced under the instrument.

At the dancehall, I learned to be more open and self-confident, which is very pleasing, "Diana Kiforuk shares.
Victoria Fucizhi told about her impressions:
“As soon as we met Anya Guarana, I immediately fell in love with dancehall and Anya. Her incredible energy fills everyone and, it seems to me, extends far beyond Myway.

In addition to the dancehall, we danced, kuduro, azonto and, of course, Afro.

Anya is a unique teacher, we did not even notice how we learned about 60 steps from the dancehall, because everything was very interesting and exciting.

I am grateful to the Academy for the opportunity to discover new styles, go deep and penetrate the dance, learn from such teachers as Anya Guarana. Thanks for all!"

The teacher herself also shares emotions from the past season with the guys:

“Each Academy for me is emotional in its own way; students become pretty close.

There are not many guys this year, but they are all very special. Each student showed himself as an individual dancer.

I really liked to come up with various tasks for them and watch how they showed themselves in these tasks.

Each student of the Academy is remembered to me, but these guys will leave a special imprint. Thank you for this time together! ”- she says!

Thanks to the teacher and the guys for the atmosphere and a piece of emotions, impressions told to us!

See you at Myway Dance Academy!