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Myway.2.Skill: Batuhan Aslan

A new guest on Myway.2.Skill program visited the walls of the Dance Center Myway and burst into dance classes in October!

Aslan came to us from Turkey to get the maximum information from the maximum number of classes - we talked with the guest and asked several questions:

1. Tell a little bit about you, where you from, how did you start dancing?

Im from Istanbul Im 22 and I started just for fun just for something to spend time but then I have started to fell in love with it. I love music like I really enjoyed listening and trying to heard everything in the music and dance was to me like trying to showing music on your body like you are making the music with your body again and express yourself and your ID thats what I loved the most about dance. 

2. How did you get know about Myway and what was the reason to come here?

I live in Istanbul and there ıs a dance school name is dansfabrika I have been dancing there and taking classes and In there we don’t have a lot of different styles different teachers we have amazing “teachers and choreographers” but styles are so like each other I needed to take different styles from different teachers and I asked my teacher In Turkey and he recommended me Myway, and also I wanted to live alone and just focused on improve my dance for a 1.5 month that was a good challange for me!

3. Your first impression of our studio, dancers, choreographers. What did you like the most?

My first impression is great to have different classes and different styles at the same time (sometimes hard to pick) and about teachers they are really teaching like they don’t just trying to give a choreography they are really trying to give something to students and they have different styles thats what I like the most about teachers and studio. And about dancers there a lot of good dancers here Its great to take inspiration from them.

4. What styles you dance in? Which classes have you visited already and which are the most interesting for you?

I dance Hip-Hop and “urban choreography”. If you can say a style to that, these are the most I enjoyed and most comfortable for me but Im trying to take as much as classes and different styles here. I took Hip-Hop classes, Krump classes, Jazz classes, Popping classes and stretching for now.

5. Your dance dreams and desires. Do you have goals and plans for the future? 

I have a lot of dreams and goals but they are for me. But I can say that I just wanna get better everyday.