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Myway.2.Skill: again and with friends!

Among those who dance near you in the classroom at the Dance Centre Myway, there are often not only regular students of the center. Sometimes guests from the most distant parts of the world can come to the studio.

This time, guys from Romania visited us on the Myway.2.Skill program - four dancers, a teacher from a neighboring country, came to dance here, to get new experience and information from our choreographers.

Kajtar Adam, Major Vivien and Berdar Alexandra are friends of Dragos Beatrix, who has already been to the Dance Center Myway and promised to return more than one. The girl fulfilled her promises and now she was dancing next to her relatives!

For those who have not met Beatrix before, we’ll tell you that the girl is a representative of her own small studio in her hometown. A few years ago, seeing the materials of our center on social networks, she wanted to attend classes of local teachers and came to us.

As for the first time at Beatrix, the shock of what she saw and the first impressions of her friends were just as strong.

The guys are delighted with Vogue, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz-funk or absolutely every our teacher. They especially remember the class with a very fast, but fun (according to the guests) choreography by Sasha Ryzhova - vivid emotions from the studios!

The summer dance "vacation" of our guests is over, but we are sure that we will meet them again! We will see everyone - we wish to continue to develop and love the dance!

See you at the Dance Centre Myway!